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Thursday, February 11, 2010


Welcome! Here we go, this is my first blog on my new website! Thank you, Lisa Catto, for all your work and patience with me.

Now, about that giant photo of the dog up there -- well, can't quite figure out how to make it smaller so for now, I guess that's what we get. I'll work on it, but, ah, isn't she cute?

Would have been nice if the book she'd chosen to maul was my new release. Speaking of photos, here's one of the anthology in which A BABY BETWEEN THEM is also included along with books by fellow Intrigue authors, Debra Webb and Delores Fossen.

I love the cover on this edition, and am thrilled to be in such stellar company.

Please leave me a note if you drop by. I'm going to hit publish now and see what other mistakes I made!


  1. Love the new site, Alice. And're blogging!!!!!!!!!

  2. You're so welcome! And I'm thrilled you're blogging :D Bonnie is adorable ;)

  3. Yay! Congrats on the updated website and blog! It all looks amazing! Who knew that Lisa was even more brilliant than I already knew she was? ;)

    And yeah, the cover on that edition is awesome!

    Oh, and Bonnie is adorable. Now I don't believe any of those stories you've told us about her. She's looks like an angel. *tsk, tsk*

  4. Beautiful Web site and blog, Alice! (Good job, Lisa!)

    Of course I love the BIG photo of your dog "reading." If Bonnie enjoys your books, how could anyone else resist?

    You ladies did awesome!

  5. Wonderful website and blog. Congrats to all who brought Alice our from under her rock! LOL
    Bonnie and your book tells us all about you.

  6. I got tears in my eyes seeing that you all came and left messages. Thank you!

  7. Alice, the website looks fabulous! Lisa did a terrific job. The colors are perfect. :-)