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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This is Bonnie with a stranglehold on her favorite tug toy, Bunny. As semi-charming as this is, today she outdid herself at the park when she snatched a man's picnic bag and spread bread and drinks everywhere. I was down there walking her -- trying to figure out the plot to the second book which I thought I already had but discovered I didn't -- when she came across this poor guy minding his own business. A second later, she'd stolen his sack and taken off for the hills, ignoring me as I chased her alternately threatening her and cajoling, promising her treats and bludgeoning in equal measure. When she finally tired of the chase, she smiled at me -- okay, more like grinned -- and then ran off after a stick and I reclaimed what was left of the man's belongings.


On a good note, I did figure out what I need to do in book two, so maybe all that running and swearing was good for my brain cells? Who knows?


  1. LOOK at that face. OMG. So CUTE!

    Have you checked her head for horns?

  2. Ahhh what are you to do with rambunctious adolescents? I'm sorry you have a problem child, but I'm happy you figured out your plot.

  3. Alice, I love hearing stories about your dog. Of course, none of my fur babies would ever think of doing something of that sort. Ahem. Well, I am a fiction writer. LOL!

    Glad your running and swearing paid off in creative ideas!

  4. Genene -- This dog is a beast!!! If I make her sound amusing, trust me, it's just me coping. I loved reading, on Paty's blog, about how your dogs choose a winner in a contest -- I can't even imagine that scenario with Bonnie!

    THanks for stopping by...