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Monday, March 8, 2010


I just found my June cover on Amazon. I love the tension in the man's face as opposed to the baby's innocence. It's also fun that the hero looks much as I envisioned him with the exception of the neatly trimmed hair. All and all, I think it's great. This is the official back copy blurb...


But Jack Starling was very much alive and looking for answers. His investigation into his crew's ambush leads him to the fling he had a year ago with Hannah Marks. Although Jack is reluctant to believe Hannah had a role in the attack, it is clear she's hiding something, and Jack's suspicions only mount when he meets her daughter.

Determined to unveil her secrets, he vows to stay close. Then Hannah is nearly killed, and Jack must step in-as her baby's bodyguard-while battling his growing desire for the woman who might have betrayed him.

I wish June was here already!!!