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Thursday, May 27, 2010


Great news -- the three books set in Montana sold late last week to Harlequin Intrigue.
Wrinkle -- the books are moving from Montana to Wyoming. I'm very excited about this change. The dh and I are heading out to camp our way east until we run into the Rockies -- can't quite imagine placing three books in a state I haven't visited in twenty-five years. That makes me remember going to Yellowstone Park when I was a kid. I wandered off to visit the bathroom and when I came back to our tent, no one was there. I was about seven. Then I heard people calling my name and looked around. My family was lurking a distance away and between me and them was a black bear. Ack!

I stood very still and the bear eventually moseyed away. Exciting stuff, especially when you're a city kid.

Meanwhile, the first book (as yet untitled) will be released next Sept., then the other two will follow in October and November. All three books revolve around three brothers and their ranch set high in the Rockies. There's a princess in danger in the first book -- how fun is that? I've got me some writin' to do!