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Monday, February 22, 2010

Christmas in February!!!

Bonnie got a huge package in the mail today. My dh dragged it into the house and began hacking on the tape. As if she knew her name was on the box, Bonnie chewed on the flaps until it all but exploded open and revealed dozens and dozens of stuffed animals. She immediately began trotting them out (what a treasure!) eventually collapsing in the middle of them. I have never seen a happier dog. Thanks, Jen!!!!

Meanwhile, I'm just back from a Michael Hauge/Bob Mayer two day workshop where I learned tons of stuff, was reminded of even more and have begun implementing it all into my Montana Open Sky Ranch series which is in the proposal stage. I traveled and stayed with my friends, Elisabeth Naughton and Lisa Catto, and had a wonderful time at a lovely hotel on the river in Vancouver. Today I'm happily assimilating all I heard. Great weekend!

(Good to be home with the dh and Bonnie...)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This is Bonnie with a stranglehold on her favorite tug toy, Bunny. As semi-charming as this is, today she outdid herself at the park when she snatched a man's picnic bag and spread bread and drinks everywhere. I was down there walking her -- trying to figure out the plot to the second book which I thought I already had but discovered I didn't -- when she came across this poor guy minding his own business. A second later, she'd stolen his sack and taken off for the hills, ignoring me as I chased her alternately threatening her and cajoling, promising her treats and bludgeoning in equal measure. When she finally tired of the chase, she smiled at me -- okay, more like grinned -- and then ran off after a stick and I reclaimed what was left of the man's belongings.


On a good note, I did figure out what I need to do in book two, so maybe all that running and swearing was good for my brain cells? Who knows?

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Welcome! Here we go, this is my first blog on my new website! Thank you, Lisa Catto, for all your work and patience with me.

Now, about that giant photo of the dog up there -- well, can't quite figure out how to make it smaller so for now, I guess that's what we get. I'll work on it, but, ah, isn't she cute?

Would have been nice if the book she'd chosen to maul was my new release. Speaking of photos, here's one of the anthology in which A BABY BETWEEN THEM is also included along with books by fellow Intrigue authors, Debra Webb and Delores Fossen.

I love the cover on this edition, and am thrilled to be in such stellar company.

Please leave me a note if you drop by. I'm going to hit publish now and see what other mistakes I made!